The purpose of the new Forensic Data Facility (FDC) is to enhance the investigative capabilities of the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and support national security and law enforcement agencies both nationally and overseas. NDY’s expertise was sought to provide a multi-discipline services design for the facility.

The state-of-the-art building encompasses the very latest advances in science and technology, which ensure the AFP maintains its status as a world leader in forensic operations, forensic science policy, research, training and capability development. The new facility enables a collaborative forensic model where all science disciplines are able to come together, ensuring a more responsive and high quality outcome.

The design of the facility incorporates varying forensic facilities including both ISO 6 and ISO 7 laboratories, ballistic and chemical analysis laboratories, hazardous (explosive) materials laboratories, a laminar flow ballistic range, acoustically isolated audio visual laboratories, as well as significant vaulted storage areas for the archiving of both historical fire arms and ammunition.

To support these forensic facilities the building also includes hazardous materials storage containment areas, central and dedicated reverse osmosis water systems, laboratory gas distribution systems, oil free compressed air systems, heavy metal water reclaim systems, commercial trade waste and black water treatment facilities.

NDY’s design also incorporates a number of energy reclaim systems as well as energy monitoring systems to ensure that the whole of life cost and environmental impact of the facility is minimised.

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Photos courtesy of the AFP.