This confidential industry leading biotechnology company undertakes research and development of human antibodies to address common diseases and viral infections. They are best known for being at the forefront of the Pandemic Prevention Platform (as part of the Biological Technological Office within DARPA, a US Department of Defense agency) and are globally renowned for their groundbreaking biotech experiments. To accommodate team growth and the continued delivery of essential services, this company needed a new and larger facility.

NDY provided core engineering design services for the three level building, repurposing existing office space to deliver a custom laboratory fitout that met client requirements while making the most of existing systems. The 27,500 m² facility consists of a laboratory, office and parking space.

The laboratory plays host to numerous biotech experiments; therefore, a robust mechanical system was a critical element. All testing is performed in a consistent manner, which means that specimens cannot vary in temperature and require a consistent climate. NDY designed an efficient mechanical system, making use of a Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) to facilitate energy sharing from cold storage to the warmer space without risking contaminants in the air. Each space within the facility had specific design criteria including humidity, air change, air quality and pressurisation and NDY ensured all components met the design parameters. Additionally, the design includes heat recovery from the vented biosafety cabinets and fume hoods which captures energy from the exhaust using a heat pipe and delivers it to the makeup air unit for outside preheat – thereby providing a unique and cost-effective feature for energy reuse.

The project also delivered an upgrade to the building’s electrical system to suit requirements. The NDY team designed an emergency power system for the critical laboratory equipment and HVAC systems through the implementation of a natural gas generator.

Delivered across two phases, NDY is a proud contributor to this new Vancouver facility, with the project enabling continued progress in cutting edge biomedical research and development.