Following the successful completion of the No. 1 The Terrace refurbishment project, Norman Disney & Young (NDY) was engaged as the building services consultant for the new build extension of the No. 1-3 The Terrace Building (14,000 m², base build construction value $23 million).

The project created a continuous open plan ‘Grade A’ office floor of  2,200 m² complete with an internal atrium and new panoramic glass lifts.

New mechanical services were provided throughout including fully economised VAV air conditioning, roof top chiller plant room, smoke extract and sandwich pressurisation. These were connected to the existing No. 1 The Terrace building to provide backup cooling and heating in the event of a failure of the No. 1 central plant.

Following the refurbishment, the building energy consumption was reduced by more than 2 mill kw/hr per annum.

New electrical infrastructure was provided throughout, including new transformer and standby generator. Office lighting was designed to accommodate either low glare or standard diffuser luminaires to suit flexible tenant requirements. Full lighting control was provided to the office areas, including occupant sensors to turn off lights automatically in unoccupied areas.

NDY also designed tenancy areas for the Ministry of Health (Levels 1 to 4) and Parliamentary Services (sub-basement and sub-subbasement levels). The Parliamentary Services fitout provided new Select Committee Chambers with potential use as an emergency parliament debating chamber. This secondary function required full emergency mode operation with 100% generator backup provided to the facility, including air conditioning and ventilation.

NDY also provided specialist design of the acoustic treatment and lighting within the Chambers. The lighting design included full dimming control to provide multi-scene mode operation.