8091 Capstan WayRichmond, Vancouver

NDY was contracted by Minglian Holdings Ltd. to provide their expertise on specialised acoustical, mechanical and energy modelling engineering services. Covering a total of 12,000 sqm of space across two separate 15-storey buildings, with a five-storey above ground parkade, this premium development will provide an important residential and community hub in central Richmond.

The site is in close proximity to the Vancouver International Airport and therefore within the Aircraft Noise Sensitive Development (ANSD) zone. This – along with the nearly Skytrain – has posed significant acoustical challenges for the total noise exposure to this multi-storey development.

NDY’s specialist acoustics team was tasked with introducing design measures that mitigated noise whilst achieving a compliant and comfortable environment within all the habitable spaces. The acoustical solutions work within the intended designed varnishing envelope resulting from the application of in-house software developed to predict perceived noise from aircraft within each individual habitable space. This software modelling also includes all design details including balconies orientations. NDY’s acoustical recommendations were highly commended by the broader design team who have implemented the appropriate measures to achieve locally mandated noise limits.

The NDY acoustics team was able to achieve this result by working closely with the client and broader design team to ensure the solutions were focused on end-user experiences and expectations of the facilities.

NDY’s internal collaboration between the acoustics and mechanical teams has ensured all mechanical systems noise was addressed prior to the construction. This contributes to time and cost savings in project delivery and on-site constructability.

The acoustical solutions implemented at 8091 Capstan Way will lead to improved occupant experiences within a community-centric development.

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