Monash University, Stage 1 Residential ProjectMelbourne, Australia

Monash University in Clayton has undertaken a long term residential masterplan to attract, enrich and engage with its residents and the surrounding community. The Stage 1 Residential Project is key to Monash’s vision and will increase the residential population of students on campus and provide a bustling 24 hour ”University City”.

The Stage 1 Residential Project development provides 1,000 beds across four separate residential buildings and three sites. Each site is designed by a different architect and has its own unique identity. In addition to comfortable residential accommodation, the ground floor of each building accommodates spaces for learning, offices, retail, common rooms, laundries and bike storage.

The project aims to increase affordable low cost housing to students, provide accommodation that specifically meets students needs, create a sense of community and fulfil the needs of the university’s students.

Norman Disney & Young (NDY) previously worked with Monash University to deliver new low-cost student accommodation as part of the National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS), and was engaged in Stage 1 due to their knowledge of the site, understanding of the infrastructure and design standards, and familiarity with Monash’s aspirations for the environment they wished to create.

In addition to providing core services, NDY implemented a unique site-wide water recycling system which connects into the stormwater system and significantly reduces water consumption. NDY was integral to working with the concept’s designer to ensure the successful implementation of the system and to plan for its expansion throughout the campus.

The project was delivered earlier than the proposed handover date and on budget, and has since achieved a 5 star Green Star As-Built rating across all four buildings.

Other Project Information:

Architect:  McBride Charles Ryan (MCR), Richard Middleton Architects (RMA), partnered with Hayball, Jackson Clement Burrows Architects (JCBA)
Construction Value:  $135 million

Photography by Dianna Snape Photography Pty Ltd

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