We understand that the ideal solution for the wellbeing of our aged is by maintaining their sense of relevance in society, ensuring that they remain an integral and active part of their community and also by promoting preventative health and an active lifestyle to ensure their longevity and sense of fulfilment.

To this end, Aged Care legislative reform, for example, the “Living Longer Living Better” campaign in Australia, has seen a significant proportional increase in home-based care. Implementation of age-in-place has impacted on aged care establishments by effectively reducing the need for low care places and consequently opening the way for increases in high care capacity.

Collocation of independent living and aged care facilities is a logical and increasing trend. This industry restructure has led to a range of independent living options which provide for “soft landing” retirement solutions that can then be supplemented on an “as required” basis by externally sourced care services.

It is anticipated that the current generation nearing retirement will have considerably higher expectations for their prospective aged care services than their predecessors. Key priorities include: value-for-money, safety, quality, choice of options, and preservation of independence.

Innovative and flexible aged care models ensure that seniors can actively prepare for their retirement by accommodating the needs of high dependency partners, while maintaining an active and productive life in the workforce.

Our multi-disciplinary team is keen to work with aged care service providers to develop innovative and cost effective seniors living solutions that contribute to our clients achieving key positions in a highly competitive growth market.

Our Approach

Our aged care capability is enhanced by qualified and skilled personnel within each of our specialist disciplines, with each practitioner possessing demonstrated experience working on healthcare projects.

Our focus is on designing smarter systems that minimise whole-of-life costs and contribute positively to improving the health facility environment, without compromising safety for patients and staff. We understand the importance of aged care facilities that cater for and respect the dignity of individuals.

We are committed to providing innovative engineering design solutions for new contemporary facilities which support a welcoming, home-like environment, and promote a strong sense of community, relevance, wellbeing and personal safety.

NDY’s building services design skills focus on designing systems based on minimising whole-of-life owning costs, and which incorporate commercially viable sustainability solutions.

Our industry leading ICT skills are highly relevant in addressing technology based opportunities, since technology is rapidly becoming a key enabler in supporting residential and home care scenarios.

Beyond this we see opportunities in supporting and monitoring residents’ wellness programs and providing innovative, less intrusive solutions addressing the needs of dementia patients.

We embrace the need to design engineering services that optimise residents’ capacity to maintain their independence, comfort, and preferred lifestyle.

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