Offices remain as the cornerstone of NDY’s work and reputation.

Commercial offices are the projects that have lined skylines across the globe since NDY commenced operations in 1959.

Our key clients in the offices market organise themselves with respect to three operational activities as pictured below.

NDY have listened to how our key clients behave across these three activities and developed dedicated teams to respond directly to their needs. These teams provide professional services.

Our key client activity in the offices market straddles all services and locations.

Commercial offices consume a significant amount of the worlds energy. Sustainable design and construction delivers far more than energy efficiency.

We work with our key clients to get the best out of their office buildings to maximise asset values, minimise operational costs, boost the health and productivity of people, demonstrate leadership in triple bottom line sustainability and reinforce their brand values.

NDY are in the market for key clients and talent. Our offices market is the nucleus of our business.

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