Our expertise in mechanical, electrical, fire protection, hydraulics, communications, fire engineering and sustainability have been extensively utilised by our clients. NDY brings considerable points of difference, including the following:

  • Strong understanding of the requirements for safety, security, sustainability, risk management and normalised living to promote rehabilitation and reintegration
  • Strong credibility with corrections and government departments
  • Working knowledge and understanding of cell and fire safety guidelines
  • Working knowledge of operator requirements
  • Delivery of innovative designs that enhance community safety by securely and humanely containing prisoners
  • Building a successful rehabilitation and recidivism record by integrating latest technology into delivering programs.

We understand the sector’s unique challenges such as strict cell and fire safety; prevention of wilful damage to systems; and the need to balance capital costs with energy consumption and long term maintenance costs.

Our Corrections & Justice Capabilities

NDY has extensive experience in the delivery of Corrections & Justice engineering services. Our focus is on designing safe, secure and sustainable corrections facilities with plant and equipment arranged in such a way that maintenance and servicing is located outside prisoner areas. We have also delivered world class courts and justice facilities, meeting the high demands placed on technology, security and comfort.

We adopt an integrated approach where access to plant rooms are provided via normal walk-in or fixed ladders, thereby eliminating the need for specialised access equipment or scaffolding. Roof mounted equipment is strategically avoided to reduce the likelihood of concealment and climbing anchor points.

We are committed to delivering sustainable buildings that consume a fraction of the energy and water of their non-green counterparts. Energy efficient mechanical systems can reduce the need for artificial heating and cooling by around 60 per cent – saving thousands of dollars in energy costs each year.

Energy intensive facilities can realise substantial savings quickly and easily by commissioning and tuning existing equipment and investing in comprehensive upgrades to lighting and mechanical systems.

Our expertise in the delivery of Corrections & Justice projects can deliver significant financial savings for your facility, through energy and water saving strategies that also increase occupant comfort and staff satisfaction.

Critical Drivers in Corrections

The critical drivers are:

  • Reducing rates of recidivism or re-offending
  • Prisoner education and healthcare delivery
  • Providing safe facilities for prisoners and staff
  • Reduced Operating Costs and Sustainability
  • Concealing of engineering services and securing against tampering.

By taking these into account at all stages of the project, we can ensure that the final design is suitable for immediate needs, as well as providing a solid foundation for the future.

Mechanical Services

  • Central cooling and heating plant located in dedicated plant areas; chilled and heating hot water distribution system to nearby prison buildings
  • Local air conditioning for remote prison buildings
  • Air flow monitoring to sense airflow distribution or prisoner blockage
  • Ventilation systems with prescribed perforated grills to avoid self harm
  • Smoke hazard management for fire safety in the cell and to permit managed evacuation.

Electrical Services

  • External lighting and interface with security for step up and step down on perimeter alarm
  • Security lighting and service illumination designed consistent with CCTV technology
  • Vandal proof recessed lighting
  • Anti-ligature fitting.

Hydraulics (Plumbing)

  • Site wide water strategy and recycled water systems
  • Sewer macerator and pumping system
  • Evaluation of sanitary fixtures, appliances and fittings such as electronic tapware, toilet pan with integral seat and lid that does not provide a ligature point, shower/basin complete with detention pattern spout plughole and anti-hang security grate.

Fire Protection

  • Aspirated cell smoke detection system to provide reliable early warning and tamper alert
  • Institutional automatic fast response fire sprinklers which are specifically designed for secure facilities
  • Flush sprinkler heads in non-prisoner areas to avoid damage
  • Communication systems to facilitate officer response and a managed evacuation strategy in the event of an emergency.

Fire Engineering

  • Control the rate of fire growth through cell layout, material selection and use of fire retardant materials
  • Compartmentation options to limit fire spread
  • Fire safety measures, e.g. fire detection and alarm, smoke hazard management and emergency procedures to protect occupants
  • Life safety through minimising smoke spread, allowing prison staff to respond and safely evacuate inmates or extinguish the fire risk
  • Reliable early detection of the fire to allow early response from prison staff
  • Automatic suppression system options to extinguish the fire.


  • Passive Government Department data network
  • Government department voice networks including PABX
  • Australian Government Information Security Manual (ISM) Strategy
  • Prisoner Interactive Learning Systems (PILS)
  • Prison co-Integrated Communications Network (ICN) hosting technology, emergency lighting, MATV, Building Management Systems, cell tapware, irrigation and lighting control
  • Terrestrial Radio and Satellite communications
  • Intelligent Building Systems (IBM)
  • Audio Visual Systems and video conferencing for prisoner court and parole hearings
  • Computer room and data centre design including redundancy planning.

Gateway Solutions

  • Integrated platform for prisoner rehabilitation interfaced to Prisoner Information Management System (PIMS). A common prisoner management solution enables centralised case management
  • Integrated Biometric Prisoner Movement Systems (BPMS). A Gateway solution links movement with prisoner ‘structured day’ activities ensuring that prisoner attendance to scheduled activities, programs and drug dispensary are recorded and managed.
  • PrisonerLink application allowing pre-approved family and friends to message inmates via web portal which, once checked and approved, is received via in-cell terminal.


  • Energy management, including optimisation, conservation and minimisation strategies via active and passive measures
  • Renewable energy utilisation involving electricity generation from sun, wind, biomass, etc.
  • Indoor environmental quality enhancements, adopting best practice methodologies, products and systems
  • Water conservation and re-use including storage, greywater recycling and usage minimisation techniques
  • Waste management, involving systems necessary during construction and on an on-going basis
  • Building material and finishes selection providing options for use of low embodied energy materials plus finishes that have minimal adverse impact on indoor air quality.

Prisoner Education

  • Prisoner Interactive Learning Systems (PILS) systems to enable each prisoner to undertake programs and operators to host educational, therapeutic and job based training from the confines of a cell. This technology enables better education and healthcare, assisting in the services and lowering of recidivism rates.

Cyber Security

  • Delivery of all networks to PROTECTED classification under the Australian Government Information Security Manual. Owned and maintained by the Australian Signals Directorate, the ISM is the framework for networks up to Top Secret classification.

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