Our ability to advise on macro-sustainability issues, through to providing detailed engineering solutions is what sets us apart from our competitors. We work with organisations to identify the material issues that impact their business, serving as a foundation for a value-driven sustainability strategy and implementation plan.

We provide insights on evolving market conditions, emerging trends, policy and legislation, and unearth downstream risks and opportunities to support the development of robust targets and road maps to achieve sustainability goals. Reporting on objectives and achievements supports transparency and accountability for stakeholders. In collaboration with you, we tailor innovative solutions to achieve goals and track progress, at corporate and project level.

Our Global Sustainability Group comprises a team of renowned specialists at NDY that are committed to delivering sustainable outcomes in our projects around the world. But our commitment to sustainability goes beyond these specialists; all NDY people understand and are committed to excellence in sustainable design. We collaborate in an integrated and complementary way to achieve long-term results for our clients and the community.

We believe that the built environment is where environmental, economic and social imperatives converge to play a vital part in our future. This future will include buildings, facilities and infrastructure that contribute positively to energy creation, carbon reduction and reduced reliance on natural resources.

Our Organisational Sustainability Expertise

Our organisational sustainability expertise spans our global offices and industry sectors, with our own commitment to sustainability at the core of all our engagements.

Our areas of focus within orgnisational sustainability are highlighted here.

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