Chunghwa Investment (Canada) Co. Ltd. contracted NDY to work on the base building design of the iconic 493,000 m2 Bridgeport Complex, a mixed-use development in Richmond, B.C. The team was engaged to design the core services of the complex, including hydraulics, mechanical and sustainability.

The complex consists of four buildings in total: two hotels, one eleven-story office building and a four-story office building. An exciting component of the project were the hotels as the operator will be Marriott Hotel, where NDY will gain a greater understanding of the company’s design requirements. The project team has worked on designing the office building, currently working on the design of the two hotels, with the low-rise building being the last.

Our team’s innovative work on the Bridgeport Complex consists of future-proofing the facility. As the energy plant of Richmond was a unique aspect, NDY allowed for pipework in the design. This accommodates future linkage where the existing system may operate at the same time, which in effect, will have a seamless transition. Although the project team has encountered limitations due to the architectural design, NDY was able to provide effective solutions that meets both the needs of the client and the architect.

Marriott had its special design objectives for the mechanical aspect of the project, and NDY has designed solutions to meet their needs, even if their needs were far intricate than local building code requirements. For instance, the stair pressurization should be in place, whereas the local code only requires below-stair needs to be pressurized – and Marriott wanted the above-grade stair to be pressurized as well. In addition, they also had a special requirement on the smoke evacuation system wherein the smoke from any floor to be exhausted though a central exhaust system to the roof; instead of just opening a window, as local code will accept windows to be operable (or break the glass to exhaust smoke), they want this mechanically designed.

A key design challenge for this project is the district energy plant for Richmond. The plant did not serve the entire city, but only certain areas. The City of Richmond mandates that in the future, all projects are required to have the district energy rate, which means that all the plans of the system must be designed for a future DEU connection accordingly. Whilst the power requirements had been an issue, NDY managed to provide Chunghwa Investment Co. Ltd. a solution in a cost-effective manner. This included the energy equipment to the window designs that helped in reducing the utility costs of the entire development.