Mission Critical

NDY understands your mission critical business needs. Whether your requirements are focused in technology infrastructure, people facilities, customer support systems, or other infrastructure that must be operational to keep your business performing, NDY has the skills and expertise to deliver world-class solutions tailored to your business.

Your Mission Critical systems might require Data Centres, Hosting or Co-location, Telecommunications infrastructure builds, Call Centres, satellite or cable landing stations: the technology and best practices in this highly specialised sector are constantly evolving so NDY invests heavily in research and development to provide our clients with up-to-date solutions for all mission critical requirements.

We have long-term experience. NDY was heavily involved in the technology boom in the 1990s and took key roles in the development of many of the major data centre, telecommunication, and collocation facilities in Australia, Europe and beyond. Since then we have remained leading participants in the market, both in terms of project delivery and in driving the agenda for evolution towards higher efficiency – in energy use, in capital use, in operating cost.

Our solutions are integrated and visionary. NDY’s expertise minimises risks and supports your focus on solid returns for all investments.

Our clients benefit from our multi-disciplinary approach. Our experience delivers quality strategic decisions early when they have the greatest impact on lifecycle cost, and quality design decisions at all stages to provide our clients with the service delivery they require from the finished product.

Our expertise in mission critical facility design is highly sought-after around the globe. Secure mission critical facilities are vital for large-scale businesses and NDY is well-placed to assist clients in developing and maintaining highly efficient solutions. By testing and extending best practice designs and investing in the continued development and enhancement of our IP, we continue to deliver a world-class service offering.

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