We have a long and successful history of projects involving technologies such as heavy power systems, controls, wide area networking, water harvesting, treatment and reuse, fire and life safety, and acoustics and vibration advice, allowing us to deliver leading-edge solutions across a variety of complex industrial projects.

Our industry leading position on document delivery and 3D Building Information Modelling (BIM) allows us to deliver genuine added value to projects by providing tools that control costing and project programming, as well as providing fully federated models that also integrate with civil modelling to assist with construction (particularly in remote locations). The data also enables facility maintenance and operational optimisation systems to be implemented.

Our expert solutions are underpinned by a proactive approach to sustainability with a focus on reducing our global footprint, life cycle costings and greenhouse gas reductions. This approach also provides benefits in energy use reduction to create an advantage in a high demand sector.

NDY develops services infrastructure design solutions that can integrate and support modular and package plant and process engineering through to detailed designs. We also provide cost effective and cost considered services design in the distribution centre and industrial facilities market.

We work with you to develop solutions that reflect the needs and delivery methodology for your projects. This may result in high level infrastructure definition for the project to suit D&C delivery, through to fully federated 3D design solutions.

A Sustainable Industrial Sector

At NDY, sustainability is in our DNA. It’s not an ‘add-on’ but an intrinsic part of everything we do.

We’re committed to delivering buildings, facilities and infrastructure that contribute to a sustainable future – because we know that sustainability is not only better for our cities and communities, but also for you.

At NDY, we practice what we preach. We have attained global ISO14001 accreditation, we report annually on our own corporate sustainability initiatives through the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework, and our offices are either certified or registered for Green Star and NABERS ratings.

We’ve helped our clients in the industrial sector to achieve significant financial savings by addressing building operations issues – from energy and emissions minimisation to water conservation, and from waste management to noise reduction.

We understand how sustainable solutions can address drivers in the industrial sector. NDY’s sustainability specialists can deliver design and engineering approaches that:

  • Improve the health and safety of workplaces
  • Invest in communities
  • Protect natural resources
  • Reduce operational expenses
  • Build business environments that drive commercial profits
  • Enhance shareholder value.

And we continue to develop efficient, cost effective solutions that deliver on the ‘triple bottom line’ of environmental, economic and social sustainability.

NDY has the experience needed to ensure that the industrial processes we deliver are sound and secure. Our expertise covers all project phases, from the design, to the operation and maintenance of your facility.

Our skills and experience with chemical and manufacturing sites allow us to ensure a first class level of service. Whether a job involves petrochemicals, food preparation, biotechnology or any other industrial process, NDY can provide you with appropriate engineering services.

Our design solutions integrate with specialist process plant and processes, and provide supporting services for efficient and reliable operation of equipment.

Rapid technological advancements in the manufacturing sector are common. As one of the leading facilitators of 3D tools, combined with our ability to fully integrate with various industry standard design packages, NDY can provide fully coordinated designs for your manufacturing needs.

Our team understands the importance of key design decisions in determining overall plant efficiency, and holistic measures are taken to optimise all design solutions.

NDY also provides services on an ongoing basis to help ensure the smooth operation of manufacturing facilities. We understand the pressures associated with the manufacturing industry and seek to achieve energy and cost efficient outcomes for your project.

Our specialist knowledge of refrigeration systems and a deep understanding of the underlying physics, allows us to provide efficient and effective solutions to all industrial projects. NDY can deliver innovative and tailored approaches to fire and life safety, providing sustainable and cost effective solutions that integrate specialist cool room equipment with overall systems.

We have successfully introduced innovative energy savings measures to cold store developments resulting in reduced operational costs while improving broader sustainability and corporate social responsibility objectives.

NDY’s considerable experience with cold stores, our multi-disciplinary approach and our history of keeping abreast of the latest air conditioning and refrigeration technology, positions us as a leading facilitator of first class outcomes for your industrial project.

NDY has extensive experience in distribution centre and warehouse design.

We offer cost effective solutions that incorporate supporting infrastructure services design and the integration of infrastructure design with vendor package plant and D&C procurement methodologies, thereby reducing risk and achieving early services connections for your development.

Our recent project outcomes include delivering 4 Star Green Star distribution centres that realise both initial and life cycle cost saving solutions. Our approach to fire and life safety provides realistic and cost effective active and passive fire safety solutions, including performance smoke hazard management solutions.

Providing design solutions for bulk warehouses and specialised distribution facilities is one of our long term core strengths. We understand the complex array of deliverables that enable optimised performance of your facility, and we take a collaborative approach to understanding your operational requirements in order to deliver a tailored solution that meets your needs.

NDY has extensive experience in materials handling and the infrastructure associated with mining and resources. We provide engineering design solutions specialising in non-process infrastructure, site-wide infrastructure, camps solutions alongside design solutions for existing facilities.

We understand that your business relies on 24/7 dependability: our designs make this a reality. We work closely with you to understand the key drivers for your business requirements and develop engineering solutions that provide the most cost effective, time efficient delivery onsite.

Recognising the cost of projects in remote locations, we have developed highly efficient 3D design solutions that can highlight coordination and constructability prior to onsite construction activities commence, thereby saving you time and money during construction phase activities.

In addition to providing solutions to mining and resource sector site engineering services infrastructure, we provide expertise on associated facilities such as water treatment, harvesting, reuse and efficiency opportunities. With the incumbent high cost of energy inputs, our energy efficient designs reduce operating costs for mine operators.

We can also assist you with requirements for isolated infrastructure such as heavy power and wide area communication, and provide international expertise for your specialised rail infrastructure requirements.

By providing services to remote locations including the Pilbara rail network and central Queensland non-process infrastructure, our clients have come to rely on us for highly dependable, robust and efficient mining and resources sector infrastructure design.

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