Reliability, high performance and environmental controls underpin our transport offering.

We set ourselves apart by our ability to deliver highly innovative and tailored solutions. Our consulting engineering advice has brought considerable value for many transport clients around the world, providing real benefits from inception through to design, construction and commissioning.

We also assist you to manage, upgrade and adapt facilities during their lifecycle, so that each asset can play a vital role in connecting our society and enhancing our economy. We’re committed to working with you to deliver infrastructure that leaves a sustainable legacy.

Our extensive experience delivering transport projects enables us to work with you to develop efficient, cost effective solutions that deliver on the ‘triple bottom line’ of economic, environmental and social sustainability.

NDY’s track record in international aviation projects dates back over 30 years, with our expertise extending across all aspects of airport operations, both airside and landside, including site infrastructure upgrades, terminal redevelopments and aircraft hangars.

Beyond core engineering services, our expertise covers aircraft power, catering refrigeration solutions, baggage service requirements and other airside services. Our involvement with a number of aircraft and airport operators allow us to remain at the forefront of aviation engineering services design and respond to the changes and advances in this evolving industry.

NDY understands that the services within the airside area of an airport are direct, practical and efficient. They are intense and rarely seen in other industries, such as:

  • 400 hertz electrical systems
  • Mass flow air systems
  • Pre-conditioned air systems.

These systems must be designed to suit many different types of aircraft and require flexibility in their application. Prior to placing pen to paper, detailed discussions and briefs need to be implemented to ensure correct application.

The area that the public sees is landside, where their journeys begin. Comfort, lighting and enticement are some of the key requirements of this area, adding to the airport experience and allowing patrons to relax. Creating inviting retail spaces involves:

  • Speciality lighting
  • Comfortable air conditioning
  • Flexible services design.

NDY’s design experience in this area is backed up by our involvement in many retail centre projects worldwide.

Aviation & security

Among consulting engineers, NDY’s security expertise is unique. Our qualified security risk analysts provide advice on security requirements including:

  • Personnel security: Only known trusted persons with a proven business need for entry and access can enter restricted areas and gain access to valuable assets such as airframes, tarmac, freight warehouses, sensitive information, or other attractive mission critical equipment
  • Physical security: Technology such as fences, building fabric, lighting, intruder alarms, CCTV, access control systems, locking systems, passenger and cargo screening systems, and containers (such as safes), extending to effective access control over public, semi public (airside sterile zone), and restricted areas (back office staff only zones, server rooms, bond stores, and sheds)
  • Information security: Data classification, storage, destruction, distribution, access only to those with a ‘need to know’
  • Administrative security: Policies and procedures, standing instructions, codes of conduct and professional responsibility, incident reporting and analysis, threat and risk assessment, compliance with international and government standards and legislation for aviation security
  • Security education and awareness: Staff training, expected standards of conduct, responsibility for security and custody of assets such as passwords, keys, vehicles, equipment spares, fuel, aircraft stores, and other organisational property.

Our ability to blend this experience and engage with multiple stakeholders means that we consider the objectives of airport operators, airline carriers, retailers and the general public in delivering successful outcomes for your project.

A diverse range of facilities fall within the ‘port’ designation. Working for both small and major industrial and defence clients internationally, NDY’s expertise in ports includes commercial marinas, ship building facilities, mining ports and freight logistic sites.

We are in demand for developments ranging from urban waterfront tourist enclaves to remote industrial multi-modal facilities handling the transfer of thousands of tonnes per hour of iron ore from freight trains to bulk ore carriers.

Development types include:

  • Bulk handling facilities, with dust suppression, fire systems and issues associated with very large sites (from security to power reticulation) are paramount
  • Maintenance and ship building facilities, with a focus on temporary service provisions to vessels and construction activity
  • Military facilities, with associated specialist security and management environments
  • Commercial entertainment precincts, where our expertise in land based food and beverage and retail sectors has been applied on or over water; application of creative lighting design, audio visual and ICT can underpin iconic ‘destination’ developments.

In the provision of engineering services infrastructure for maritime developments, NDY brings specialist focus in the following areas:

  • Considering the harmful effects of the marine environment on complex and intricate systems critical to port operations
  • Security, be it civil or military, our SCEC endorsed consultants address all aspects of security in what can be a complex physical and operational environment
  • Consideration of large sites and expensive systems reticulation infrastructure. This may manifest itself through carefully structured combination of systems such as water for dust suppression and fire systems
  • Detailed knowledge of servicing requirements for vessels undergoing maintenance, from 60Hz power supplies through provision of temporary ventilation systems.

We engage with stakeholders to understand the requirements and outcomes for the usage and utilisation of ports facilities. With most containing major and complex operational plant, NDY can deliver innovative solutions to support these key infrastructure systems.

Supporting this, our emphasis is on the sustainable operation of engineering services in ports including power system monitoring and management, lighting performance and selection of high performance equipment and building performance (through energy rating tools) and water treatment systems.

NDY has extensive experience in urban, regional and intercity passenger and freight rail infrastructure, offering efficient and economically viable engineering design solutions to enhance your asset.

Our team works with you to establish immediate needs, as well as considering future expansion plans. We consider the full life cycle of your rail asset from planning, to design, manufacture/construction, testing, implementation, maintenance, restoration and, ultimately, replacement.

Drawing on our international experience and resources, NDY offers all services related to rail projects from specialist rail technologies such as operations modelling, rolling stock, signalling, traction power systems, overhead and third rail power distribution, corrosion control systems, high voltage supply through to tunnel ventilation, fire engineering, maintenance facilities, station services, fare collection and acoustic advice.

Transport infrastructure requires an integrated approach across four key engineering aspects, where we can offer specific rail expertise:

  • Fire protection, fire and life safety engineering and ventilation
  • Acoustic services
  • Electrical services and lighting design
  • Security services

Our experienced and dedicated staff bring the knowledge of real world challenges to provide cost effective, practical and implementable solutions. We are keenly aware of the latest technologies, assurance, risk, reliability and sustainability practices, and integrate them into our approach.

We understand the importance of integrating rail, engineering services and operational readiness for each and every project.

NDY has experience on both sides of a project, including working client side on concepts reference design and safety assurance and delivery teams.

We have an inherent understanding of the constraints and implications of the various delivery methods and the commercial implications they impose.

With the continuing upgrade and development of new road systems and the utilisation of intelligent road networks, the emphasis on innovative engineering services input is highlighted through the planning of communications backbones, intelligent transport systems and their interfacing to traffic signalling, closed circuit camera monitoring and road lighting.

NDY has proven expertise in these areas and we are continually expanding our capability in the delivery of these solutions with our involvement in major bid consortia and delivery of key projects including the Brisbane Airport Link and Logan Motorway Free Flow Upgrade.

As part of our road services offering, NDY also has a developed expertise in tunnel systems, be it for road, rail or utilities, with particular expertise in delivering fire engineering solutions, input into tunnel ventilation design, lighting, and high voltage (HV) and low voltage (LV) electrical systems, roadway and tunnel lighting systems, control systems, fire protection and hydraulic services.

NDY has been involved in both the engineering design and independent technical reviewer role for a range of projects.

NDY is also an accredited service provider (ASP), being able to provide certified designs to authority requirements for HV and LV power relocations and road lighting power supply coordination. We are able to advise, liaise and coordinate with the relevant energy and local authorities to deliver the specific requirements of each road project.

NDY has experience on both sides of a project, including working client side on concepts and for constructors in both D&C and PPP roles. We have an inherent understanding of the constraints and implications of the various delivery methods and the commercial implications therein.

Road traffic and tunnel transport requires an integrated approach across four key engineering aspects:

  • Fire protection, fire and life safety engineering and ventilation
  • Acoustic engineering
  • Electrical power, lighting and signalling
  • Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

NDY has successfully challenged and optimised many of the standard technical and process driven aspects of the road authorities’ requirements, with a resultant detailed understanding of the intent.

We have also successfully identified where cost and time savings can be achieved, and negotiated recognised reductions to the briefed criteria.

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