The NDY mechanical engineering team provides expert designs for projects in all market sectors. NDY adopts a performance orientated and client focused approach to all tasks. Thorough research and documentation are evident in all projects. All solutions are delivered reliably and cost effectively.

Our mechanical team, the largest at NDY, has a broad range of experiences. We are well versed in all aspects of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and energy efficiency.

We are constantly assessing emerging technologies to find ways to deliver improved levels of service.

Our experience in computational fluid dynamics and thermal modelling are unique differentiators. Computational fluid dynamics can accurately predict how facilities will behave before they are built in relation to air flow, temperature and pollutant distribution. Thermal modelling predicts the performance of all types of buildings, which allows designers the opportunity to ensure optimum efficiency in energy use.

Clients come to NDY’s mechanical services team because they want practical solutions that are easy to install and operate. We seek to ensure that clients are kept thoroughly informed during all stages of a project and are left with a reliable plant, which has minimal maintenance requirements.

Our commitment to energy efficiency does not waiver. We assess all needs and opportunities in determining our designs.