Since 1959, NDY has contributed to many landmark projects, including recent transformative Health & Sciences buildings, such as New Bendigo Hospital, the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI), Perth Children’s Hospital, The Queen Mary University London Biosciences Innovation Centre, and Mercy Hospital in Dunedin.

Our Health & Science sector specialists work closely with you to satisfy all needs. We also call upon our broader experience across mechanical, electrical, communications, security, lifts, hydraulics, automation and a range of specialties (including ecological sustainable development) to further boost our offering. Close consultation is a key feature of our client relationships. A project scope, plan, staging strategy and budget are determined fully from the outset.

We are committed to delivering cost effective and innovative engineering designs that achieve the capability, operational efficiency and occupant experience goals of our clients and their partners.

Evidence-based design techniques allow us to help create and maintain healthy environments for patients and staff. This assists in boosting staff retention and reducing patient recovery times, hospital acquired infection rates, patient treatment errors and stress levels.

Our Health & Sciences Capabilities

NDY has a significant track record in delivering acute health, pharmaceutical, research and laboratory projects throughout Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, New Zealand and the UK.

Our Health & Sciences capability is enhanced by qualified and skilled personnel within each of our specialist disciplines, with each practitioner possessing demonstrated experience working on healthcare projects.

Our focus is on designing smarter hospital systems that contribute positively to improving the health facility environment, without compromising safety for patients and staff.

NDY adopts an integrated approach to sustainability; we understand the impact of our design solutions on the building aesthetics, functionality and ongoing maintenance of a facility.

Accordingly, we adopt a holistic and innovative approach to sustainability through incorporating evidence-based design solutions that support the creation of a healthy healing environment both within and around the health facility.

NDY’s experience is that implementing technology for the sake of technology can only lead to a poor outcome. Our approach to ICT service delivery begins with an in-depth client consultation, designed to facilitate a detailed understanding of the project objectives: business goals must be clearly set and understood from the outset.

Across several countries, NDY has helped provide world class hospital facilities for patients and medical professionals alike. We bring the latest perspectives and practices in hospital services design to our projects.

Our specialist health team has a proven track record in the delivery of healthcare and in particular, hospital redevelopment projects. Our experience crosses the full gamut of building engineering services.

Our specialists have detailed experience with the unique requirements of hospitals and detailed experience in the sector.

NDY has had a continuing involvement with a number of major hospitals and is involved in major redevelopments including the new AU$1 billion Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne.

We have delivered award winning facilities including the New Bendigo Hospital and the New Children’s Hospital in Perth.

Our work also extends to smaller, groundbreaking facilities including Australia’s first COVID-19 RESUS Medical Facility, the Temporary Resus Isolation Ward at Monash Medical Centre Clayton. The project was fast tracked and delivered within four weeks to expand frontline capacity for the treatment of COVID-19 patients early in the pandemic.

We have a long and proud history of offering an extensive range of engineering services and delivering award winning, world class, complex laboratory and controlled environment projects.

Some of our most iconic projects include the South Australian Health & Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) in Adelaide, The Telethon Kids institute in Perth, WEBS, UNSW, NZ Glasshouse, AFP Canberra, the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute as part of the New Royal Children’s Hospital project, and the La Trobe Institute for Molecular Science.

Laboratories present a unique challenge in relation to their need for operational flexibility to accommodate changing research themes and spatial requirements. The key to satisfying this requirement is designing a facility that not only meets the briefed requirements of the initial stakeholders but, within reason, has the capability to accommodate the changing needs of users and the growing use of automated laboratory equipment.

As a leader in this highly specialised field, we recognise the value of deploying a team of experienced specialists.

Our team is well equipped to comprehend the nature of research or process themes and their functional requirements. We work collaboratively to provide constructive input in the shaping of project expectations.

NDY will contribute innovative laboratory engineering services concepts and solutions that address the project objectives, and help to ensure the concepts are relevant and empathetic with the architectural design concepts.

Our services help to effectively address the challenging design criteria of complex laboratory projects and ensure the provision of the next generation of laboratories. We provide world class facilities that are practical, well-designed and secure.

NDY’s services in Health Information & Communications Technology (ICT) are consistent with the key objectives which underpin the patient focussed care model.

We have extensive experience in the health care industry and a detailed understanding of ICT systems.

Our experience in the ICT industry and across a range of technologies in the built environment ensures that we are acutely aware that implementing technology simply for the sake of it will lead to poor outcomes. Business goals are clearly defined and understood from the outset.

The development, commercialisation and manufacturing of components within the pharmaceuticals industry requires unique skills, and NDY is  NDY has the specialised skills and experience expected by clients in this industry.

NDY understand GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) requirements and the critical role these play to the successful completion and operation of pharmaceutical facilities.

Our design and documentation capabilities have been extensively utilised by some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. Our pharmaceutical sector experience also extends to the upgrade of existing facilities whilst ensuring uninterrupted production.

We assist clients to deliver technologically advanced clinical facilities, often on congested sites. We are well equipped to develop diverse facilities that cater for multiple users including patients, specialists, paramedical groups, retailers and caterers.

NDY also has experience refurbishing existing medical centres, and the know how to keep ‘business as normal’ as your project is delivered in a working environment.

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