As populations grow and our cities expand, ensuring residential buildings, hotels and mixed-use developments combine efficiency with luxury is a valuable skill.

Our engineering services expertise for residential projects spans affordable and social housing, through to high end luxury apartments for low, medium and high rise developments. From the 139 Greys Ave development that aims to help a diverse range of the Auckland community live more stable and productive lives; to the lifestyle dynamo 2nd and Main in Vancouver; and the tallest residential building in the Southern Hemisphere, Australia 108, we are delivering quality design solutions.

Our hotels experience is equally diverse. We have delivered projects for boutique, large scale and luxury operators including the Belgraves Hotel and the award winning The Ned in London; Kawarau Falls Station in New Zealand; the Shangri-La Hotel in Vancouver; the exclusive W Melbourne and Hotel Chadstone in Melbourne through to some of the world’s most luxurious hotels such as the Ritz Carlton in Dubai.

Across Residential, Hotels & Mixed-Use building types there are similarities in design and engineering. But there are also key differentiators.

It takes an experienced consultant to navigate you through these differences.

We work with developers and leading architects to design engineering systems for residential buildings of all types. Our residential experience spans from affordable and social housing through to high end luxury apartments for low, medium and high rise developments.

Our extensive experience means we understand the need to balance engineering services and building energy performance.

We provide a range of speciality services and are also in demand for our experience with practical and cost effective solutions.

Our Residential Capabilities

Each project starts with optimising the passive characteristics of the development to reduce its carbon footprint as far as practically possible. Our team of specialists conduct extensive thermal modelling to text various facade options, working closely with the architects to deliver the required aesthetic whilst simultaneously satisfying the energy reduction and resultant carbon reduction aspirations.

With all passive measures in place we then research the most suitable building services solutions and, together with the cost consultant, present these to you. The impact that each option has on core efficiency is high on the agenda, ensuring that informed decisions are made from the outset.

Our fire teams apply fire engineered solutions permitting extended travel distances and reduced stair numbers where possible, further increasing core efficiency.

Our specialist communications and security teams are continually tracking technological developments and trends in the residential sector. This research is shared with you to ensure that developments are always at the leading edge, providing a competitive advantage in an active sector.

As the number of residential tower projects has increased over the past few decades, so too has the demand for our specialist understanding of tall buildings. The importance of coordinated service delivery is key to success, and our specialist expertise when designing and selecting building services and plant for high rise residential buildings means that we understand how to achieve outcomes that eliminate risk.

A combination of design expertise and practical understanding of construction methods enables NDY to contribute positively through all phases of design and construction.

Heating and cooling typically accounts for 40 per cent of overall energy consumption in residential buildings. Demand for energy efficiency in the residential market will continue to accelerate as developers and occupants look to cut costs, reduce their carbon footprints and future proof their assets.

We can help you achieve significant financial savings by addressing building operations issues – from energy and emissions minimisation to water conservation, and from waste management to noise reduction. Incorporating innovative solutions, we create high quality indoor environments that improve the health and wellbeing of residents.

Our work on hundreds of green building projects in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, and LEED projects in Canada, afford us deep experience and expertise to deliver efficient, affordable solutions with exceptional outcomes – from reduced operating costs and better health and wellbeing, through to higher profit margins and market differentiation.

All hotels require a first class level of service. A mix of entertainment, luxury, relaxation, catering and business facilities, to successfully deliver a multi-use offering within the one complex requires a deep understanding of interconnected systems that together, enable a seamless user experience.

NDY has worked with leading hoteliers to design smart technology and security solutions, whilst also delivering essential engineering building services.

We are committed to working with the accommodation industry to achieve truly sustainable practices.

Our clients understand that sustainable tourism is compatible with high levels of service, and recognise that sustainable buildings can deliver spectacular results – from reduced operating costs and higher profit margins, to improved staff productivity and happier guests. They know that they can differentiate their accommodation and their service by embedding sustainability in what they do.

Our team has extensive experience and can help you achieve significant financial savings by addressing building operations issues – from energy and emissions minimisation to water conservation, and from waste management to noise reduction. This means you’ll have more money to spend on creating a memorable brand experience for customers.

Our work also extends to refurbishing historic and heritage hotels and ensures a sensitive approach to respecting the original design intent, whilst maintaining continuous operation through staged planning.

Our Hotel Capabilities

NDY’s hotel experience spans locations and markets around the world. We understand your requirements and match these expectations with the skills essential to provide a hotel that satisfies both guest and operator.

Our market leading expertise in services engineering and BIM create innovative, energy efficient, safe and functional hotels. With additional specialist expertise including fitouts, acoustics, automation, digital, fire engineering and sustainability, we provide complete solutions for your next hotel project.

Key considerations for hotels include:

  • Acoustic considerations for bedrooms and function areas such as conferencing, restaurant and bars
  • Air quality and noise reduction for bedrooms
  • High efficiency and fast response domestic hot water
  • Odour control from food preparation areas
  • Space effective riser design and services distribution
  • Metering strategy to monitor individual costs or separate tenants or operators
  • Guest entertainment, including IPTV & VoD
  • Coordination and collaboration with architects and interior designers
  • Communications including WiFi, telephony, mobile phone coverage and high speed broadband
  • Hotel locking, CCTV and security systems
  • Energy efficiency initiatives and carbon dioxide reduction
  • Continuing operation, for refurbishments.

Mixed-use projects provide unique challenges to integrate separate residential, hotel, retail and office zones into a cohesive, functional and aesthetically pleasing addition to the built environment.

NDY has decades of experience providing bespoke solutions that address the needs of developers, facility managers and tenants in the mixed-use environment, providing a full suite of service design across major mixed use projects throughout Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, New Zealand and the UK.

Our projects include game changers such as the Commercial Bay development and the Britomart Hotel in Auckland; International Towers at Barangaroo in Sydney; Capital Square in Perth; Merchant Square in London; Brentwood Town Centre in Burnaby; the five tower marvel that is Etihad Towers in Abu Dhabi; and the striking Collins Arch in Melbourne. And of course, you can’t go past the Chadstone Shopping Centre in suburban Melbourne, the largest shopping centre in the Southern Hemisphere that has developed into a precinct that includes retail, office and hotel facilities, amongst others.

We work collaboratively with all stakeholders to ensure that the design considers buildability, operational efficiency, and long term sustainability for the life of the facility. Whether your project is a tall building with a large podium, or a wide precinct with open spaces, NDY can provide design solutions that consider the needs of investors, developers, operators and occupants.

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