NDY’s specialist acoustics division offers a range of acoustical consulting services internationally. We are consistently acknowledged as one of the best practitioners in this field.

We have been providing specialist acoustic services internationally since the mid 1990s and our expanding group of acoustic engineers and scientists have over 150 years of combined professional experience. Our acoustics specialists focus on all aspects of acoustics, including architectural and specialised spaces, environmental noise impact assessments and the physical assessment of noise and vibration.

NDY is a member firm of the Association of Australian Acoustical Consultants (AAAC) with quality assurance and environmental systems externally accredited to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 respectively.

As an international acoustics consultancy, NDY aims to provide quality design and innovation in alliance with its clients to provide the best possible outcomes.

In parallel with NDY’s other disciplines, acoustics can achieve first rate outcomes effectively and economically. Our philosophy is to minimise material and operating costs over the life of the building, not engineer value out with conservative “belt and braces” first-order models. We do this through early engagements, higher-order statistics and above all, a comprehensive, researched approach.

With the ability to draw on resources from both national and international offices, NDY has a uniform approach to the successful delivery of acoustic services that incorporates high levels of expertise, innovation through research and development, solid understanding and development of computer software, and access by all staff to the knowledge and field experiences of the company as a whole.


  • Commercial: Over 1,050,000 sq m of commercial office space interiors acoustic design completed to date
  • Health: Current staff experience includes over $10bn of major hospitals and medical facilities projects across Australasia
  • Education: First consultancy firm to be awarded Innovation Points (INN-2) for Acoustic Design – Educational Facilities
  • Member firm of the Association of Australian Acoustical Consultants (AAAC)
  • Staff are Members of the Australian Acoustical Society (AAS) and the New Zealand Acoustical Society (NZAS)
  • Portable auralisation technology exclusive to the Australian market – allows design teams to experience in real time, how critical spaces and audio installations are expected to “sound.”


  • Room acoustics
  • Sound isolation
  • Speech privacy
  • Design for confidentiality and voice security
  • AS/NZS 2107 Building services noise control
  • Noise report submissions for local authority / development approval
  • GBCA Green Star Interiors (IEQ-10), Office / Education (IEQ-12) report submissions
  • Performing arts – functions and facilities
  • Vibration control from building services and occupant activities
  • Emergency Warning and Intercommunications Systems (EWIS) AS1670.4, AS 60849, Speech intelligibility (SI), Speech Transmission Index (STI) measurements and assessments.
  • Road, Rail, Air transportation noise and vibration
  • Community noise reports and studies
  • Construction noise management plans
  • Marine and underwater noise impacts
  • Noise and vibration from blasting
  • Noise from demolition and construction
  • Permanent noise and vibration monitoring and system design
  • Submissions to authorities
  • Sound Attenuation Policy noise report submissions.
  • Plant and machinery noise
  • Industrial noise reports
  • Occupant generated vibration
  • Occupational noise risk management
  • Planning policy noise report submissions.
  • Problem investigations
  • AS2377, Vehicle Type Testing
  • Product design
  • Road and rail noise and vibration controls
  • Advancement noise source measurement, identification and control.
  • Theatre consultancy
  • Sound system design and technical specification
  • Stage management system design and technical specification.