Architectural lighting brings together art and science in equal measure. This sets it apart from other engineering disciplines and pure design.

Knowing this NDY established NDYLIGHT to provide independent lighting consultancy services.

As independent lighting design consultants, NDYLGHT build close professional relationships with their clients, designers and construction teams.

A collaborative approach helps to ensure that clients’ aspirations are met. A principal is allocated to each project and retains responsibility from inception to completion. NDYLIGHT’s lighting designers are highly experienced with up-to-date technology, and utilise complex 3D computer modelling and analysis to fulfil project needs.

NDYLIGHT has extensive experience in delivering sustainable lighting design solutions. They work closely with design teams, architects, planners, developers and engineers to determine the most effective project specific solutions. They believe that the best creative solutions are obtained when input is sought in the initial planning stages and throughout the design and construction phases.

NDYLIGHT’s focus on research and development, keeps them at the forefront of available technologies. Careful selection of the correct equipment, in terms of performance and optical quality, ensures that the appropriate levels of light are achieved. The use of control systems also allows their lighting to be flexible and energy efficient, without comprising their creative and high quality designs.

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