Lifts or elevators, escalators and inclined walks provide the most comfortable and efficient means of vertical transport for building users. The quality of service offered by vertical transportation systems contribute to improved rental income in commercial office buildings and enhanced circulation in shopping centers or public spaces.

The measure of successful vertical transportation design is the balance of excellent waiting and travel times with project cost, spatial planning and energy consumption.

Our team of vertical transportation professionals are amongst the most highly qualified and respected practitioners in our field and we work closely with our clients around the world to design, maintain and modernise one of their building’s most important assets.

Our Services:

New Systems Design
  • Traditional systems
  • Destination control
  • Goods lifts
  • Goods elevators
  • Escalators & moving walks
  • Double deck & multiple lift or elevator systems in shared shafts

  • Lift modernisation
  • Elevator modernisation
  • Escalator modernisation
  • Moving walks modernisation
  • Complete replacements
  • Code & NCC compliance

  • Technical contract schedules
  • Lift inspections & auditing
  • Elevator inspections & auditing
  • Escalator inspections & auditing
  • Moving walks inspections & auditing
  • Ride quality assessments

Expert Witness
  • Accident investigation
  • Technical mediation
  • Loss assessment reporting

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