Vertical Transportation

For tall buildings to function effectively, safe and fast vertical transportation systems (more commonly known as lifts) are critical.

Our experience extends to some of the world’s great tall buildings. Importantly, we are also well-equipped to take on smaller jobs for a very competitive fee.

We produce accurate and practical documentation for all clients. Our service also extends to ensuring the provision of quality control services through the commissioning and installation of a project.

The design of lifts will have important implications for any building. NDY works closely with our clients and their architects to ensure that all plans are thoroughly integrated during the concept design phase.

NDY’s vertical transportation team uses specialised software (VTAS) to ensure that all lift requirements are well-established during the initial design phase. This ensures that all solutions are highly tailored to each building’s requirements. Our vertical transportation software is vendor independent, which allows lift requirements to be modelled and established without reference or commitment to a particular lift company.

Our vertical transportation engineers also utilise sophisticated ride and performance measurement equipment.

In providing vertical transportation solutions, NDY seeks to optimise the available space in a way that is both cost-effective and sustainable over the long-term.

  • Systems Design and Selection
  • Documentation and Tendering
  • Construction Supervision
  • Code compliance and OH&S Surveys
  • Performance Based Maintenance Audits (including ride and noise quality measurements and comparisons)
  • Modernisation of existing, obsolete equipment
  • Condition and Pre-Purchase Audits and Reporting