Security is crucial for all businesses. NDY is well-placed to play a vital role in securing people, information and property. Our expertise in developing detailed engineering plans for security controls and systems allows us to assist clients in ensuring that staff and assets are kept safe at all times.

NDY’s security services include planning and options analysis, security risk assessment, engineering design and documentation, procurement, implementation and contract services, commissioning operation and management. We are well-equipped to provide these services on a wide range of jobs and in a wide range of market sectors, including high security Government installations. Our security team includes consultants with endorsement from the Australian Government Security Construction and Equipment Committee, authorised to advise on design and compliance of security zones for the most sensitive sites.

Our ability to provide world-class security engineering services is a product of our ability to understand risk and threat analysis methodologies.

We work with clients to help them understand and prioritise their security requirements. All aspects of a business’ security should be integrated. The business security threat and risk environment must be thoroughly understood before security countermeasures are specified.

Client budgets will differ. We work with clients to ensure that available budgets are appropriately allocated to ensure the provision of a best-possible security solution, maximising cost effective protection of client assets and operations.