Fire Engineering

NDY was one of the pioneers in the application of Fire Safety Engineering design, from the introduction of performance based building codes in the 1990’s.

Today, our specialist Fire Engineering team has grown across all our regions and has developed extensive experience and understanding of all aspects of fire and life safety associated with new and existing buildings. Our capability covers the broad range of buildings, infrastructure and systems including; commercial, residential, transport, heath & laboratory, industrial, heritage, atria, entertainment, and other uniquely designed and complex buildings.

Working within a highly specialised field, our Fire Engineering team provides a holistic approach to the development of alternative fire engineering solutions.

Traditionally, the fire protection requirements within a development have been governed by the prescriptive requirements of legislation, building codes and relevant authorities that are rigid and conservative in nature. Our fire engineered design approach is to fully integrate all aspects of the design, construction and management of an asset. This results in safe, efficient and cost effective designs solutions, which combined with trust we have earned from relevant authorities will reduce development risks.

NDY Fire Engineers are unique. Whilst we are a specialised group, we work closely with our colleagues in other engineering disciplines. Over the years, we have forged this relationship which enables us to develop innovative solutions that actually will work in reality, not just the theoretical world of fire modelling. We apply this approach with clients and design partners including architects, project managers, and structural engineers at the early stages of a project to develop the most appropriate strategy for:

  • Life safety
  • Asset protection
  • Business continuity
  • Financial viability
  • Community life and the environment.

This approach ensures that building concepts are developed in a consultative manner so that client goals are realised through customised, cost-effective and sound fire engineered solutions.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Over our long history we have built strong relationships with clients. We recognise that the foundation of all relationships is trust. Trust is earned through dedication and hard work. Our commitment to clients remains consistent throughout all phases of the project.
  • Our client-facing philosophy is based on understanding. We make the effort to fully appreciate all client requirements and apply our skill to find solutions for how they can be best met.
  • We are known for our technical excellence and ability to innovate. Clients come to NDY because they want the best. As a result, we have superior project experience for every market sector in which we specialise. No project is too big and complex, nor too small, as we apply the same energy and skill to all appointments.
  • We are a multi-discipline engineering consultancy which allows us the opportunity to work closely with our internal disciplines, in particular our Fire Services, Hydraulics and Mechanical teams to provide an integrated approach to the final design solution. True collaboration even within a firm does not happen organically and we have worked at this over decades, which has afforded our Fire Engineering team an appreciation of the clear and concise documentation required for a successful collaborative approach to fire safety design.
  • We are committed to the process of continual learning and always seek to update our own skills and technical expertise. We recognise knowledge is the key to success. Fire Engineering in particular is a relatively young and ever changing industry. We fund research and development to ensure that we keep up to date with all of the latest industry trends and technologies. Our international Fire Engineering R&D committee meets regularly to share knowledge from around the world.
  • We understand that complicated and “over-engineered” alternative solutions can be difficult to implement either during construction or in ongoing maintenance of fire safety systems in a building. Our Fire Engineering team prides itself on providing superior documentation which is clear and easy to follow and implement.
  • We are committed to contributing to the Fire Engineering industry. Our Fire Engineering team has active representatives on Engineers Australia Society of Fire Safety committees.

Fire Engineering Services

NDY Fire Engineering provides a comprehensive consulting service for the feasibility stage through to design, construction and management in use of the development. The following are some of the key services NDY’s experienced Fire Engineering team can provide:

  • Detailed fire and evacuation modelling to justify interconnecting office levels in new commercial buildings and also retrospectively interconnecting levels in existing buildings
  • Rationalised fire ratings to exposed steel, timber and masonry construction to reduce the initial capital expenditure by taking a holistic approach
  • Performance-based smoke hazard management in large and complex structure
  • Alternative solutions to maintain business continuity in redevelopments which allow areas to be occupied during the construction works
  • Design solutions tailored to reduce the ongoing essential services maintenance costs over the life cycle of a building
  • Fire safety audits and risk assessments
  • Building Code of Australia (BCA) assessments for fire and life safety provisions
  • Construction phase involvement to ensure that the alternative solution is understood and implemented in accordance with our report.

Fire engineering offers to all projects the opportunity to assess issues in a ‘holistic’ manner by considering the interaction of all building elements using scientific principals and the latest computer software.