NDY was one of the pioneers in the application of Fire Safety Engineering design, from the introduction of performance based building codes in the 1990’s.

Today, our specialist Fire Engineering team has grown across all our regions and has developed extensive experience and understanding of all aspects of fire and life safety associated with new and existing buildings. Our capability covers the broad range of buildings, infrastructure and systems including; commercial, residential, transport, heath & laboratory, industrial, heritage, atria, entertainment, and other uniquely designed and complex buildings.

Working within a highly specialised field, our Fire Engineering team provides a holistic approach to the development of alternative fire engineering solutions.

Traditionally, the fire protection requirements within a development have been governed by the prescriptive requirements of legislation, building codes and relevant authorities that are rigid and conservative in nature. Our fire engineered design approach is to fully integrate all aspects of the design, construction and management of an asset. This results in safe, efficient and cost effective designs solutions, which combined with trust we have earned from relevant authorities will reduce development risks.

NDY Fire Engineers are unique. Whilst we are a specialised group, we work closely with our colleagues in other engineering disciplines. Over the years, we have forged this relationship which enables us to develop innovative solutions that actually will work in reality, not just the theoretical world of fire modelling. We apply this approach with clients and design partners including architects, project managers, and structural engineers at the early stages of a project to develop the most appropriate strategy for:

  • Life safety
  • Asset protection
  • Business continuity
  • Financial viability
  • Community life and the environment.

This approach ensures that building concepts are developed in a consultative manner so that client goals are realised through customised, cost-effective and sound fire engineered solutions.

Fire Engineering Services

Detailed Fire and Evacuation Modelling

Predictive modelling of crowd movements in an emergency situation.

Rationalised Fire Ratings

Determine current ratings of zones, and identify opportunities for improvement.

Smoke Hazard Management

Design of smoke extraction systems, and safe storage of combustibles.

Fire Safety Audits and Risk Assessments

Audit the current emergency strategies and highlight risk factors that can be improved.

Building Code Assessments

Compliance with jurisdictional building codes

Construction Phase Involvement

Collaborate with key parties to ensure the design considers key fire engineering principles, such as speed of egress and safe combustible storage.

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